Hello. My name is Matt Prigge and Summer of ’74 is my baseball card blog. Professionally, I am a freelance author and tour guide. I’ve written a few books and have a few other blogs, but I have always had preoccupation with baseball cards. This blog is my attempt to sharpen the focus of my collection and to connect with other collectors.

I am working both forward and backward in my set-building. I have put together a 1974 Topps set and am working to get as many of the cards signed as possible (that would be the focus of this blog). I’ll probably start on the 1975 set soon, and work forward from there. I am also working on this year’s Topps set, and working back on base sets to 2010. Outside of that, I collect Milwaukee Brewers cards and not much else.

I live on Milwaukee’s east side with my lovely wife and our two occasionally-troublesome pet rats.