A Warren Spahn Story and a Trade Offer

It was 14 years ago this month that Warren Spahn, one of the greatest lefties the game has ever known, passed away. Mr. Spahn was a pretty good TTM signer in his later years, and I had the good fortune to get him to sign a couple of items for me. One was a 1962 Topps All Star card, the other was a bit more… unexpected. Before I explain, let’s go to the photos!

Photo Mar 31, 5 31 25 PM.jpg

Here is Spahn signature on one of those old SSPC cards.

Photo Mar 31, 5 31 45 PM.jpg

And here is a very nice-looking sig on a 1958 All Star Card.

Photo Mar 31, 5 32 05 PM.jpg

Oh, and here is a rare item – a Warren Spahn autograph on a Yuni “Don’t tell Doug Melvin that I actually Suck” Betancourt card that was printed nine years after he died. a 1/1 indeed!

What sorcery is this?!?!

None, of course. When I sent Spahnnie the card, back in about 2001, I think, I had it in a old penny sleeve. He mistakenly signed the sleeve before he signed the card. So, I ended up with two sigs for the price of one (five dollars, if I recall). This is a pretty cool item in the sense that it turns any Spahn card, or any card really, into a signed card. Sort of like a much-less intrusive sticker.

Now, as someone who keeps my signed cards in a binder, this item is of little use to me. So if anyone wants to make me an offer for it – I’d much prefer to trade it – I’m all ears. I’ll admit that the sleeve isn’t exactly in top shape. There are no overly noticeable blemishes, but it’s not pristine, either.  I’ll also note that it is large enough for 52-56 sized Topps cards. What do I want for it? I dunno. I have my want lists up and up-to-date. I’m always interested in any Brewers auto that I don’t have. Or just promise to send me something equally as cool and worthwhile. Like this penny-sleeve, I’m flexible.


6 thoughts on “A Warren Spahn Story and a Trade Offer

  1. Oh man, that’d be right up my alley! I actually just sent you a box of cards yesterday, returning the favor from the package you sent me a week or two ago. Maybe you’d be pleased enough with its contents for the signed sleeve? Or maybe I could dig up something else. Just let me know.


  2. I kinda love that idea of any card becoming signed with the sleeve over it.
    I wouldn’t use it for other players, but I would like shifting it from card to card of the same guy every couple of months.


  3. That’s awesome. I have a Billy Pierce signed penny sleeve and a Billy Pierce signed 8×10 photo holder. I re-sent the card a few years later. The photo holder gets rotated in a frame with different BP pics whenever the mood strikes.

    BTW…there just doesn’t seem to be a bad Warren Spahn card.

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