Last Call for Trades! (for this week)

Planning for a post office run tomorrow, so giving everyone a last call on these trade lots I’m looking to get rid of. Still seeking Topps base lots, 2011-2015 PLUS I’m getting more up on my wantlists page. Let me know if you want any of these or several of these and I’ll get them out to you. All I ask is that you send me something, sometime before the earth crashes into the sun.


2016 inserts and parallels.

Photo Mar 19, 3 03 23 AM.jpg

2017 Inserts.

Photo Mar 19, 3 05 40 AM.jpg

Basketball TTM auto lot

Photo Mar 18, 4 50 52 PM

70+ 2012/2013 Topps archives. There are some inserts included.

Photo Mar 18, 4 51 45 PM

















1974 Topps Pro Draft football complete set. This is the 50 card set that came with a Parker Brothers “Pro Draft” board game. Picked this up at a Goodwill a few years back. I know there are variations on this… these cards list the 1972 stats on the back.












Various Topps Minis.



















Junk football assortment. There is a near-complete 1990 series one set and a huge stack of 1990 SP inserts – the Santa card, that Andre Rison update card, the Joe Robbie card. I bought a box of this stuff once and got one of those SPs in every pack somehow. There are few older cards, 70s and 80s, as well.


7 thoughts on “Last Call for Trades! (for this week)

  1. I dig the basketball TTM sigs and the ’17 inserts. Not sure what I have of interest to you, I’m just getting back into the hobby thanks to epack from UD. Probalby have a bunch of junk years brew-crew.

    that stack of PS hit me square in the damn feels though. I don’t even know why, I think I remember hand collecting that set with my dad. Wonder if it’s still in my footlocker at their house.


  2. Dangit! I just bought half of the ’74 Parker Brothers football over the weekend! Would have hit on the ProSets too, but I have those as well. If the ’74s are unclaimed, I’ll take ’em anyway.


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