Opening Day

Welcome to Summer of ’74! I am a blogger and author and mostly life-long baseball card collector from Milwaukee. I’ve started this blog to try to enhance my own enjoyment of the hobby, as well as interact with other collectors and to and force myself to keep with my various projects and collections. My main focus here will be my quest to get as many cards from my 1974 Topps baseball set signed as possible. I’ll post the cards that I get signed and recap a bit of that player’s career with a focus on the ’74 season. I’ll veer from that main focus, but I’ll stick to baseball and the 3.5″ by 2.5″ slabs of cardboard that, for so many of my younger years, were my main connection to the game. With time, I’ll add some wantlists and some wax breaks and maybe some contests and whatnot.

And awaaaaay we go….


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